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New Ethan Van Sciver Firestorm Art

Over the weekend, Ethan Van Sciver posted to his Facebook this new Firestorm-related drawing. I’m guessing this is an upcoming cover, but can’t be sure.  The only comment Ethan gave was, “On no, Ronnie.”  Check it out below.

 Ronnie Raymond Firestorm by Ethan Van Sciver

Wild drawing!  A few interesting things to notice…

  • Ronnie appears to be wearing his Firestorm costume, yet his head isn’t on fire and he doesn’t have the black eye liner.
  • The Firestorm-ish guy tormenting Ronnie looks a lot like one of the Firestorms we got a sneak peek of in issue #1.
  • I count three or four Firestorm-looking dudes tormenting Ronnie. From the parts we can see, each of them looks identical. Hmmm… nuclear powers… identical copies… Could this be The New 52 variation of Multiplex?  Probably not, but that would rock!

What are your thoughts?

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One Comment

  1. Doug says:

    At least they don’t have nucular powers. . .!

    Just kidding Shag!

    More awesome art. More Firestorm goodness to look forward to.

    Thank you sir!

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