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Firestorm Icons for Your Desktop

Match-head Christopher Chance has put together some fantastic Firestorm-themed desktop icons for your computer! To download the ZIP file of icons: right-click here, then choose “Save Target/Link As”, and select a location on your computer to save the file (8.5 MB).  Also, click here for a tutorial on changing your desktop icons if you don’t know how already (yes, that’s Christopher Chance in the tutorial).

Below you’ll find a visual guide to all 57 icons!  So friggin’ cool!

Firestorm Desktop Icons

Below is an example of Christopher’s desktop using some of these Firestorm icons, along with a Firestorm wallpaper!

Firestorm desktop

Just a quick disclaimer… these icons are not to be sold, but may be freely given. Firestorm, his likeness, and related characters are the property of DC Comics. So don’t sell them, unless you are really anxious to be sued by DC Comics or Warner Bros.

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  1. outburst says:

    Wow, really nice! I’ll be using some of these on my Android phone!!!

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