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Ethan Van Sciver Reveals Name of New Firestorm Character

Ethan van Sciver, writer and co-designer, as well as cover artist for the upcoming FURY OF FIRESTORM series, has revealed the name of a major character in the new series.

Ethan recently posted a few items on eBay, including the drawing below.  As we’ve learned in other interviews, Ronnie and Jason can fuse to become this ten-foot being of nuclear energy, described as “the equivalent of the Incredible Hulk if he was on fire!”  In the eBay listing, Ethan named this being as “Fury”.

This drawing shows some great detail on Fury!  In addition to the chest insignia that we’ve speculated about previously, you can also see the differences between the eyes and cheeks.

Fury from Fury of Firestorm by Ethan Van Sciver

Fury from Fury of Firestorm by Ethan Van Sciver


Fury from Fury of Firestorm by Ethan Van Sciver

Fury from Fury of Firestorm by Ethan Van Sciver

Looks pretty cool!  I think the name “Fury” is perfect for this merged being!  I can’t wait to see more!

Back when news of this new series first broke, the image below was leaked.  DC Comics asked for all appearances of this image to be removed from various websites.  Now that Ethan has posted the inked sketch on eBay, I figure it’s safe to run this colored version.  The gorgeous colors were done by Moose Baumann.

Fury from Fury of Firestorm drawn by Ethan Van Sciver and colored by Moose Baumann

Thanks to our good buddy Jon of the Firestorm-themed FIZZIT blog for the heads-up on this eBay listing!  Be sure to check out Jon’s Firestorm original art collection! Some impressive stuff!

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  1. Keith G. Baker says:

    Now all we need to do is figure out his connection to Lyta Trevor-Hall.

  2. Michael says:

    Actually the solicit for #2 specifically call the creature the Fury of Firestorm; remember that thing about summoning the living nuclear monstrosity knows as…

  3. Bill says:

    I ended up buying this, I will take some detailed pictures when it arrives

  4. outburst says:

    Like others said before, it’s a really odd combination of Firestorm, Hulk and the Anti-Monitor (although the face still looks like Deathstorm to me, but I guess he never existed either).
    Now when I see him holding those fireballs as if they’re on chains, I can’t help but think of Ghost Rider.
    Will be interesting to see what happens, at least.

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