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Rafael Kayanan Firestorm Sketch

Rafael Kayanan (long time artist on the original Fury of Firestorm series) recently posted this sketch to his Twitter account.  He titled it, “Old nuclear friend found in pile of roughs”.

Rafael Kayanan Firestorm sketch

Normally I would zoom in and crop the Firestorm picture, but this time I thought it would be better to preserve that sexy Mary Jane sketch in the background!

Dude, I love Rafael Kayanan’s Firestorm!  My first Firestorm comic was Fury of Firestorm #28, back when Kayanan was the regular artist on the book.  So for me, Kayanan’s Firestorm reminds me of first discovering the character!  Keep up with Rafael on his website and on Twitter!

My thanks to Keith Baker for directing me to this sketch!  Thanks, Keith!

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Don’t forget to come back this Friday for an all-new interview with Firestorm creators Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom! Gerry and Al were kind enough to sit down with me for a lengthy discussion as we prepare for the release of the Firestorm: The Nuclear Man trade paperback! See you on Friday!


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