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Why Does Yildiray Cinar Hate the Planet Earth?

Why does Yildiray Cinar hate the planet Earth so much? Every time he draws Firestorm, he seems to be blasting or damaging the ground.  Does Yildiray have some sort of deep-seated hatred of his own home planet?

Yildiray Cinar on Firestorm - Brightest Day incarnation

Yildiray Cinar on Firestorm - Elemental incarnation


Yildiray Cinar on The Fury of Firestorm

All kidding aside, this art is GORGEOUS!  Scroll back up and check out the poses on the first two images.  He used the same pose for the Brightest Day and Elemental incarnations of Firestorm.  I love seeing the contrast between the incarnations like that!

My thanks to Brandon Leonard for pointing out the joke about Firestorm blasting the ground. We’re just goofing around, I don’t think Yildiray truly hates his own home planet.  At least I don’t think he does.  … Wait a minute … He did draw Legion of Super-Heroes for a while.  Maybe he’s more of a Dominator fan.  Hmm..

Since we’re on the subject of Yildiray Cinar, check out this new Firestorm image he posted recently on deviantART.  This was another warm up sketch shortly after getting the Firestorm assignment.  I LOVE his rendition of the Brightest Day costume!  My thanks to liquidcross for the heads-up about this new image!

Yildiray Cinar on FirestormSupport Firestorm (and Yildiray Cinar)! Fan the flame!


Be sure to come back this Friday for a very special treat!  We’re featuring an all-new interview with Firestorm creators Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom!  Gerry and Al were kind enough to sit down with me for a lengthy discussion as we prepare for the release of the Firestorm: The Nuclear Man trade paperback!  See you on Friday!


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  1. Firestormfan89 says:

    That’s some really nice work by Y. Cinar. I can’t wait to start reading the new series in September and you’ve got me looking forward to the Gerry Conway interview later this week too Shag.

  2. haha wow my joke got turned into a post I’m honored 😛
    i was just thinning what if these were done intentionally and there is to be a cross over between firestorm and swamp thing (swamp thing being the earth elemental) how cool would that be we could get “the war of the elementals deux!
    i really like Cinar’s take on the brightest day costume its a shame that’s not the version we will see in the new book though! okay enough complaints lol

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