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Flashpoint Preview Featuring Firestorm

This past Saturday on Free Comic Book Day, DC Comics released their Green Lantern Flashpoint Special Edition.  In the Flashpoint preview (which I believe came from the first few pages of Flashpoint #1), we got a momentary glimpse of Firestorm!  Check it out below!  Click the image to enlarge.

Flashpoint preview from Free Comic Book Day

You can just make out Firestorm’s head and feet behind Flash and Wonder Woman.

Firestorm in Flashpoint Preview

That leaves us wondering… will Firestorm be featured in Flashpoint, or was he shown simply because of his recent appearances in Brightest Day?  Only time will tell!

Flashpoint is written by Geoff Johns, penciled by Andy Kubert, inked by Sandra Hope, and colored by Alex Sinclair.  Look for Flashpoint #1 in your local comic book shop this Wednesday, May 11!

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