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McDonalds Happy Meal Toy for Firestorm!

Great Scott! McDonalds Happy Meals will soon feature a Firestorm toy! Seriously!

Y’all know I really dig Firestorm. I do my best to be a cheerleader for our favorite Nuclear Man. I celebrate each of his appearances and use the power of positive thought to encourage his popularity to grow.  However, never in a million years would I have guessed that Firestorm was mainstream enough to merit a McDonalds Happy Meal toy!?!?  That’s hitting the big time!  Firestorm is part of the upcoming Batman: The Brave and the Bold wave of McDonalds Happy Meal toys.  This means kids all over the country who have never heard of the Nuclear Man will soon be playing with a Firestorm toy!  Let’s take a look a the McDonalds Happy Meal Firestorm toy…

Batman: The Brave and the Bold McDonalds Happy Meal toys Firestorm

Ummm…  gosh…  that’s Firestorm?!?!  I mean, he’s got the flaming hair, the colors are definitely yellow and red, and that’s his silhouette.  But jeez…  I realize a limited level of detail helps control costs, but in this case it seems pretty sparse.  This toy is supposed to be based upon the Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series incarnation of Firestorm. They couldn’t spare a little red paint for his sleeves, mask and chest emblem?  Or at least use less yellow paint thus allowing some more red plastic to show through in those areas?  They couldn’t move some of that yellow paint to his boots and trunks?  When they used white paint on the chest emblem, they couldn’t get the belt at the same time? Did they have to make him a white guy?  Jason Rusch controls the physical form of Firestorm in the animated series and thus the skin tone should match that of a black man.  … Don’t get me wrong, I’m THRILLED Firestorm earned a coveted McDonalds Happy Meal toy.  I just wish they’d got his appearance a little more accurate.  After all, you don’t see Aquaman or Flash toys facing these types of problems.  I will say the translucent red nuclear blast and hair look really cool!

Firestorm will come in a three-pack set which also includes Two-Face and Solomon Grundy.   See below.

McDonalds Happy Meal Batman the Brave and the Bold Firestorm

Below is a shot of all the upcoming Batman: The Brave and the Bold Happy Meal toys.  Some other somewhat obscure characters in this set include: The Spectre, Bat-Mite, Gentleman Ghost, Sportsmaster, Plastic Man as a car, and what appears to be the Earth-2 version of Robin!  Such a cool collection of characters!

McDonalds Happy Meal Batman The Brave and the Bold Firestorm

While we can’t find anything definite on a release date, the rumor is that these Batman: The Brave and the Bold toys will be available from McDonalds starting today.  If you swing by McDonalds, let us know if these toys are available!

A huge THANKS to James Fabiano for tipping us off regarding Firestorm’s inclusion in this set!  You can bet I’ll be eating a lot more McDonalds in the coming weeks than I have in years.  :)

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  1. Ed says:

    In cases like this when the media gets it all wrong, I try to think of this version as one of those alternate Earths that should have died back in Crisis on Infinite Earths. It was what I was saying about Smallville for the first two seasons that I watched.
    Actually, I kind of like this version of the Firestorm uniform. It’s almost more modern than the current modern version we have seen in Brightest Day. Take away those shoulder pads and it could possibly be a good replacement in the current “modernized” uniform.

  2. Doug says:

    Wow. That is a . . . interesting mold.

  3. Wow. Ugliest Firestorm ever!

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