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B’wana Beast Temporary Tattoo

I came across these Batman: The Brave and the Bold temporary tattoos a while ago, at a gas station of all places!   At the time I featured them on FIRESTORM FAN because the Nuclear Man is among the tattoos.  However, the real reason I bought the package was for the B’wana Beast tattoo!  What could be cooler than wearing our favorite Jungle Master as a tattoo?!?!?

B'wana Beast Temporary Tattoo - Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Below is what the package looks like so you can watch your local gas stations.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold Temporary Tattoos

Our good buddies Frank Lee Delano (of more blogs than you could possibly imagine), Rob of THE AQUAMAN SHRINE, and Doug of RED TORNADO’S PATH have also featured some of these temporary tattoos on their sites!  Frank’s also featured a similar Batman: The Brave and the Bold sticker set.  Show the guys some appreciation by demonstrating you know how to click.

Support B’wana Beast! Do Justice to the Jungle Master!

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  1. Frank says:

    I was going to crack wise about Doug joining in on the crossover a month late, until I remembered that folder full of Herodex(?) pictures I still haven’t turned into posts…

  2. Bryan Smith says:

    That’s awesome! And so random at a gas station. You might be able to find similar kids temporary tattoos at this site.

  3. Calandra says:

    Wow these are really cool!

  4. Joeelle says:

    Waa – so awesome! I love those temporary tattoos!

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