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B’wana Beast gets animated!

In recent years, B’wana Beast has gone from being an obscure comic book character to a television sensation!  He’s appeared in two different animated series and is now a cult favorite!


B'wana Beast on Justice League Unlimited

B’wana Beast appeared on the Justice League Unlimited animated series (voiced by Peter Onorati) in the episode called “This Little Piggy”.  In the episode, B’wana Beast was recruited by Batman for his superior tracking skills in the search for Wonder Woman, who had been mystically transformed into a pig by Circe. In this incarnation, B’wana Beast was given a thick New York accent and blue collar personality to match, and his abilities were presented as animalistic feats of agility and the ability to communicate with animals.  Below is a clip from that episode featuring our favorite Jungle Master!

If you can’t view the embedded clip above, please click here.


B'wana Beast on Batman: The Brave and the Bold

More recently, B’wana Beast has been featured in a reoccurring role on Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series.  Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, B’wana Beast appeared in the episodes: “Enter the Outsiders”, “Gorillas in Our Midst!”, and “The Siege of Starro!” parts 1 & 2.  Sadly, B’wana Beast died saving the world in his last appearance on the show.

In “Enter the Outsiders”, B’wana Beast helps Batman in his fight with Black Manta. During the fight, B’wana Beast used his powers to merge a policeman’s horse and a spider to form a creature to catch up with Black Manta and later merged a pelican and a shark to form a creature to stop Black Manta.

In “Gorillas in our Midst!”, B’wana Beast helps defend Gotham with Vixen while Batman is gone. He shows he can merge more than two creatures as well, such as merging Batman with a lion, eagle and lizard to form a “Bat-Griffin”.

In “The Siege of Starro!”, the Faceless Hunter takes an interest in B’wana Beast’s unique powers and kidnaps him.  The Faceless Hunter uses a device to siphon B’wana Beast’s powers to merge and revive the Starro spores into an enormous-sized creature that begins destroying everything.  In the end B’wana Beast pushes his power beyond its limits, destroys the Starro construct and sacrifices his own life to save the world.

Below is a clip showing B’wana Beast’s origin on the show. Please forgive the quality, it’s the only clip of this I could find.

If you can’t view the embedded clip above, please click here.

Below is a demonstration of B’wana Beast’s powers.

If you can’t view the embedded clip above, please click here.

Below is another demonstration of B’wana Beast’s powers. This particular clip also features that guy I used to blog about, Firestorm.

If you can’t view the embedded clip above, please click here.

Finally, below is a large chunk of “The Siege of Starro! Part 2″.  You’ll find the death of B’wana Beast around 9 minute 20 second mark.

If you can’t view the embedded clip above, please click here.

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    Booster Gold considers B’wana Beast and Booster Gold together? Get out!

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