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Firestorm the Nuclear Man by Spectacular Spider-Man Character Designer

Here is a pretty cool version of our favorite nuclear man!  I found this on Sean Galloway’s deviantART page.   Click the image to enlarge.

Firestorm the Nuclear Man by cheeks-74

Sean Galloway was the character designer for the super-cool Spectacular Spider-Man animated series!  He also drew the Teen Titans pages for Wednesday Comics.

There is lots to love about this drawing!  I particularly like Firestorm’s gawky shape.  Before I realized who Sean Galloway was, it reminded me a little of Karl Kerschl’s Teen Titans: Year One.  Now I can see the Spectacular Spider-Man influence here.  Next up, Firestorm looks so happy!  That’s how I like my Firestorm, reveling in the use of his powers.  Then there is the angular insignia, rather than circles and bursts.  Very cool interpretation!  Finally, you really get the sense he’s flying.  Having Firestorm break out of the blue rectangle really evokes the sense of free-wheeling in the air.  Nice job, Sean!

Keep up with Sean Galloway on deviantART, his blog, Facebook, and Twitter.

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