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Nuclear on the Net: Musings on Firestorm

Nuclear on the Net

Another little something to get you excited for this Friday’s exclusive interview with John Ostrander here at FIRESTORM FAN!

Gary M. Miller, the man behind the Spectacular Spider-Cast, posted two great Firestorm pieces on his blog, I’m Not Really Delusional… Honest! In these posts he covers his discovery of the character, and issues #60-79 written by John Ostrander.  They provide really nice coverage of that era and are well worth your time.  Click here to read the first post, and click here to read the second post.

I'm Not Delusional... Honest!

My thanks to long-time Firestorm fan, Keith G. Baker, for directing me to these articles!  For those of you who don’t know, Keith helped inspire the creation of FIRESTORM FAN.  Back in the mid-2000s, Keith ran the excellent NUCLEAR FAN site!  Thanks Keith!

Don’t forget, come back on Friday for the FIRESTORM FAN exclusive interview with John Ostrander!

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  1. Thanks for posting links to my articles! I’m not done yet by far with my “Storm Warning” synopses–I’m going back and voicing my thoughts on Firestorm in pretty much the order I read the books. Part 3 will cover the end of the “Elemental” Firestorm stories, with part 4 addressing the Gerry Conway run. Part 5 will be mainly about the Jason Rusch iteration, with some musings about the Power Company and his other post-’82 series, pre-Identity Crisis appearances. Part 6 will round things up with Blackest Night and Brightest Day. Here’s hoping for a new Firestorm series on the other end of Brightest Day!

    I’ve followed this site for many months now. Keep up the great work!


  2. […] month we talked about Gary M. Miller’s Firestorm-related posts on his blog.  Well, he’s done another entry since we last focused on him.  This time out he nicely […]

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