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Favorite Covers: A Couple from the John Ostrander Era

Just a little something to help get you excited for the upcoming exclusive interview with John Ostrander here at FIRESTORM FAN!  Below are a couple of my favorite covers from Ostrander’s era…

Firestorm the Nuclear Man #70 – cover art by J.J. Birch (a.k.a. Joe Brozowski)

Firestorm the Nuclear Man #70

Firestorm #99 – cover art by Tom Mandrake

Firestorm #99 by John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake

Keeping watching FIRESTORM FAN in the near future for the exclusive interview with John Ostrander!

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  1. Ray Tomczak says:

    Those are great covers. Not to mention that #99 was a great issue, as was #100. (I haven’t read #70)
    Looking forward to the interview with Ostrander, as he’s one of my favorite comics writers. Will you be covering his entire career in comics or focusing mainly on Firestorm.
    I really enjoyed your interviews with Gerry Conway. You covered everything I would have asked him if I had a similar opportunity.

  2. Shag says:

    Ray – Thanks for your comment! The interview with John Ostrander primarily covers his time on Firestorm and briefly touches on his overall career. Also, this interview was conducted via e-mail (as opposed to Conway’s interview which was an audio recording).

    Thanks for visiting Firestorm Fan!

  3. rob! says:

    Looking fwd to your interview with JO! I just talked to him for the Shrine (which will go up next week).

  4. rob! says:

    Wait until you see my new blog, “The Firestorm Shrine.”

  5. Shag says:

    What a coincidence! I’m launching a new blog entitled, “Aquaman Fan!” I was thinking I’d use a tag line like, “Support Aquaman! Fin the Fish!”

    Maybe we could coordinate launch dates!

  6. David H. says:

    i really like that first cover a lot.

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