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Firestorm Magnet with Art by Ed Benes

Check out this Firestorm magnet from Ata-boy!

Firestorm magnet from

I first saw it advertised online back in July and assumed it was unauthorized by DC.  Fast forward to last week at my local comic shop where I came face-to-face with the real deal.  The art is by Ed Benes and the Firestorm logo is from volume I of his own series.

Turns out it shipped as part of a seven-pack of Brightest Day magnets and is fully-licensed by DC.  Click here to view all seven magnets from the Brightest Day set.  For a rundown on the Martian Manhunter magnet, click here to visit THE IDOL-HEAD OF DIABOLU, a Martian Manhunter blog.  Personally, I found it humorous that the Brightest Day magnet set features several of these heroes in their classic costume, rather than their current one.  That’s just my warped sense of humor.

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