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George Perez Firestorm Postcard (1984)

Back in 1984, George Perez drew a fantastic set of Justice League of America postcards.  There were 15 postcards in the set, with one more added later of Batman.  Below is a scan of the gorgeous Firestorm postcard!  This was sent to me by our good friend Doug Zawisza of the Doom Patrol blog and Comic Book Resources.

To view all of the beautiful postcards in the set, check out the Cosmic Teams site.   My thanks to Doug for sending this scan my way!

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  1. outburst says:

    Wow, that would have been an awesome poster!

  2. Luke says:

    Wow, Perez draws the hell out of Firestorm there!

  3. I’m still hunting for that set …Love it.
    To be honest, I’d have preferred to see Perez on the New 52 Firestorm – I like his Matchhead wayyy better than his Supes..
    cheers, A.

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