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Firestorm vol. II #57 (March 1987) – Original Art

Jon from the Fizzit Firestorm blog has really come through for us again!  He happens to own several of the original Firestorm pages and was kind enough to allow me to publish them here.  Jon’s been a great contributor to FIRESTORM FAN and my thanks go out to him.

Firestorm volume II #57 – “Due Monday”
Writer: Barbara J. Randall
Penciller: José Delbo
Inker: Steve Mitchell
Letterer: Carrie Spiegle
Colorist: Nansi Hoolahan
Editor: Denny O’Neil

This was a fill-in issue shortly after John Ostrander took over the book.  It followed immediately after the Legends crossover issues, but before Ostrander started on the road to the blank-slate Firestorm. The seven pages featured here focus only on Ronnie Raymond (not Firestorm), but are really nice and tell the beginnings of an interesting story.

Here is the synopsis of the issue from the Comic Book Database:

While trying to write a term paper, Ronnie Raymond is distracted by his neighbor’s music, which leads him to a night of paintball, stalking, and bio-terrorism!

Here is the cover of issue #57 from  What a really great image by regular artist Joe Brozowski.

Below you’ll find pages 1-7 of the issue.  Click each page to enlarge.

Thanks again to Jon from the Fizzit blog!  I’ll be posting some further scans from him in the coming weeks!

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