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Original Firehawk Sketch by Thom Zahler

Welcome back for the final installment of FIREHAWK WEEK! As promised, here is the newly-commissioned Firehawk sketch done for the FIRESTORM FAN site.  The artist is none other than Thom Zahler, creator and artist of the comic book, Love and Capes.  How cool is that?!?!?  Thom’s work on Love and Capes has been praised by folks like Kurt Busiek, Gail Simone, Mark Waid, and Beau Smith.  If you haven’t checked out Love and Capes, you can order the trade paperback online or from your local comic book store.  Thom is also involved with the fantastic ‘Toon Tumblers from PopFun Merchandising.

Thom does commissions of gorgeous and powerful women.  His art style is expressive, clean, cartoonishly retro, sexy, and downright fun!  Once I’d seen the sketches he’d done (check them out by clicking here), I knew that I had to have him draw Firehawk.  Luckily Thom is a Firestorm fan himself and was excited about doing the piece.  Just look at this beautiful rendering!  Well done, Thom!

Now here is where the magic happens.  If you think the sketch above is impressive, wait until you see what it looks like after Thom colored it!

Absolutely breathtaking.  The sketch itself was great, but Thom’s computerized coloring takes it to a new level.

My thanks to everyone for staying with us through FIREHAWK WEEK.  I hope you enjoyed it!  And my thanks to Thom Zahler for the amazing sketch! Be sure to check out Thom’s website for more information on Love and Capes and his superheroine/super-villainess commissions.

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  1. Robert Gross says:

    Thom Zahler’s letters in the back of FOF were as much a staple of the book as anything else to me.

    ‘Til Martin takes up breakdancing.

  2. […] addition to being ultra-talented, Thom is also a huge Firestorm fan! Back in 2009, I commissioned a Firehawk sketch from Thom which you can see by clicking here. If you haven’t checked out Love and Capes, you can order the trades online or from your local […]

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