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Dark Firestorm in Legion of Super-Heroes

It’s a shame, but Firestorm hasn’t rubbed elbows with the Legion of Super-Heroes very often. They bump into each other during crossovers (i.e. Legends, Crisis on Infinite Earths, and such), but not on a regular basis. Clever writers Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning figured a way for Firestorm to interact with the Legion! During the […]

Firestorm Painting by Tom Fleming

Here is an absolutely breathtaking painting of Firestorm.  It was done by Tom Fleming for the “VS System” collectible card game produced by Upper Deck. I had the opportunity to meet Tom last year at Dragon*Con and chatted with him for a while.  He mentioned that at first he wasn’t too excited when Upper Deck […]

Firehawk Heroclix and Trading Cards

Welcome back for FIREHAWK WEEK!  On Monday we looked at Firehawk’s various Who’s Who appearances.  Today we’ll be looking at a few other items featuring Firehawk.  Don’t forget, come back on Friday for the unveiling of a newly-commissioned Firehawk sketch done for the FIRESTORM FAN site! Here is a Firehawk HeroClix game piece from WizKids.  […]

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