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New Firestorm T-shirts – WANT!

Here are two new Firestorm t-shirts from PopFunk! This first one below is entitled, “Ring of Firestorm“.  It’s a nice representation of the Ronnie Raymond/Martin Stein Firestorm.  I like the bold orange and the faded look.  Great shirt!  The artwork appears to be stock art provided by the same artist that did this other shirt.  […]

Firestorm t-shirt (2009)

Today features a true gem of Firestorm merchandise.  After finding several Justice League of America t-shirts that include Firestorm (click here and here), I was very surprised and excited to see this. I didn’t think anyone made one, but here is proof positive that you can own an officially-licensed Firestorm t-shirt!  You can get one of […]

Justice League of America t-shirts featuring Firestorm

Since I posted my JLA t-shirt featuring Firestorm two weeks ago, I’ve come across several other shirts worth looking at.  Today we’ll focus on the JLA-related ones, but tomorrow come back for a special t-shirt that I’m very excited about. Here is a nice shirt I just got featuring an unusual collection of characters: Red Tornado, Doctor Fate, […]

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