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Plastique in DC Comics Encyclopedia & Plastique Cubee!

Today we continue PLASTIQUE WEEK!  First up is Plastique’s entry from DK’s DC Comics Encyclopedia, Updated and Expanded Edition (September 2008). I recommend fans of DC Comics’ continuity prior to The New 52 pick up the DC Comics Encyclopedia. This is an outstanding resource book and makes for fun reading.  Maybe I’m just a junkie for […]

Unhappy Valentine’s Day to Plastique and Captain Atom

We’ve got a special Valentine’s Day treat for you today… a crossover! Everybody loves a crossover! Today we’ve teamed up with our good buddy Frank from THE POWER OF THE ATOM blog to examine the self-destructive romance between Plastique and Captain Atom. Read on below for Plastique’s perspective on the relationship. Then head over to […]

Firestorm Meets Spider-Man in Super-Team Family!

Super-Team Family proudly presents the Amazing Spider-Man and Firestorm the Nuclear Man in, “My Lab Partner… My Enemy!” No, you didn’t miss an actual inter-company crossover starring our favorite match-head and the world famous wall-crawler. This fictitious meeting is the work of a gentleman named Ross who runs Super-Team Family: The Lost Issues! That site […]


A three-page preview to The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men #5 is available over on ComicVine! Click here to check it out! This issue is written by Ethan Van Sciver and Gail Simone, with art by Yildiray Cinar and Norm Rapmund. I really like Jason’s inner monologue in this preview, and the art is […]

Happy Birthday Firestorm Fan Blog!

Today marks the third birthday of the FIRESTORM FAN blog!  Hard to believe it’s been three years already!  More than 400 posts, over 1,500 comments, and nearly 250,000 page views!  It all began with a post entitled, “Why a Firestorm blog?”  When I started this site, Ronnie Raymond was dead and Firestorm was composed of […]

The Completist’s Burden

When it comes to Firestorm comics, I’m a completist.  I want to own every appearance of Firestorm in comic book form.  It may seem a bit crazy, but it’s kind of my thing. One of the tools I’ve used over the years was the 1993 Mayfair Games role-playing supplement to Who’s Who in the DC […]

I’m back from DragonCon with nearly 700 pictures!

Howdy Match-Heads!  Sorry for my absence the past few days.  I’ve been away at DragonCon in Atlanta!  I’m still absolutely exhausted from the event and trying to get back into the swing of things. Normal posting should resume next week. To keep you satisfied until then, I’ve uploaded nearly 700 pictures from my DragonCon 2011 […]

More Firestorm Custom Statues

Check out these gorgeous Firestorm custom statues!  Last year we posted a fantastic Firestorm custom statue.  I thought that was the only one out there, but then I stumbled across these beauties! This first statue was sculpted by Gabriel Luna and is part of Averone’s collection.  I found this over on the Statues Community Forum.  […]

The Fury of Firestorms? Plural?

More information coming from this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con… It’s possible the title of the new series is “The Fury of Firestorms”. Plural. That’s what appeared on the Firestorm powerpoint slide during the DC Comics: The New 52 panel on Sunday (see below).  Apparently, Gail wasn’t sure if this was official. Given the set-up […]

Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom Exclusive Interview Play in new window | DownloadWe’ve got a special treat today here at FIRESTORM FAN – an amazing interview with Firestorm creators, Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom! Back in 1977, Gerry Conway and Al Milgrom created the character of Firestorm the Nuclear Man.  Now seemed the ideal time to sit down with Gerry and […]

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