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Killer Frost One-Shot Coming in September

This September, Firestorm’s nemesis Killer Frost is getting her own one-shot! It’s part of the DC Comics’ “Villain’s Month”! Click here for more information on “Villain’s Month”. The Killer Frost issue is one of the books “replacing” the Justice League of America title (JLA) in September. The comic will feature a story written by Sterling Gates, […]

Bizarro Firestorm in Supergirl

Check it out — Bizarro Firestorm! I was aware of his appearance in the cartoon The Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians, but I didn’t think he ever appeared in the comics. Me am so not happy! This comes from Supergirl #57 (Dec. 2010) by Sterling Gates and Bernard Chang. Below is an image featuring several […]

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