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Justice League and Justice Society Pin-up by George Perez

Check out this gorgeous JLA/JSA pin-up by George Perez from Justice League of America #195 (Oct. 1981).  This satellite-era shot is one of my favorites!  Click the image to enlarge. If you look closely, each hero has been placed so they have a counterpart on the other side.  For example, Superman (JLA) has Superman (JSA) as […]

Firestorm Pin-up – December 1983

Here is an outstanding pin-up from the Fury of  Firestorm Annual #1 (December 1983).  This gorgeous piece is by Rafael Kayanan and Rodin Rodriguez.  This pin-up provides a great tease of the events from the previous six months of Fury of Firestorm.  This storyline was especially important to the Firestorm mythos as it introduced Firehawk!  […]

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