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Masters of the Universe vs DC Universe with Firestorm!

What do He-Man and Firestorm have in common, besides both being 1980s cartoon idols? Well, they both recently appeared in DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe #6! In this issue, our favorite Nuclear Man is under the spell of … wait for it … Dark Orko! Firestorm is out for Skeletor’s blood! Or whatever […]

Firestorm with.. Snake Eyes & Lion-O?! It’s 1986 all over again!

Check out this amazing 1980s cartoon jam sketch!! It features Snake Eyes (from G.I. Joe) by Robert Atkins, Firestorm (from Super Friends) by Peter Nguyen, and Lion-O (from Thundercats) by Freddie E. Williams II! I’m in a sugar-coma of 80s chocolaty goodness!!! Click the image to enlarge. Then scroll down.. there’s more!! This jam sketch was […]

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