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Rogue’s Gallery: Killer Frost Cosplay by Kiwi5Frog

Welcome to Rogue’s Gallery Week! All this week we’ll be featuring foes of Firestorm!  Some will be all-time great Firestorm foes (like today’s entry), others will be more obscure foes.  Either way, let’s have some fun with the bad guys! A few weeks ago we published a photo of a cosplayer dressed as Killer Frost […]

Firestorm and Killer Frost on Batman: The Brave and the Bold

Both Firestorm and Killer Frost recently appeared on the animated series Batman: The Brave and the Bold.  The episode entitled “Darkseid Descending!” aired on December 3, 2010 and featured a three minute opening teaser with our favorite Nuclear Man and his frosty arch-enemy.  Killer Frost was voiced by Jennifer Hale.  Firestorm was not featured in […]

Rogues Gallery: Killer Frost part 2

Back in August I posted the first “Rogues Gallery” entry on Killer Frost, promising the same week would also feature further images of her.  That will teach me not to make promises.  Today we’ll be presenting several Killer Frost images.  Most of these were taken from lazy afternoon web surfing, so I’m unable to identify […]

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