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Trinity War Part 2 & 3: Firestorm and Kryptonite

“Trinity War” Part 3 in Justice League Dark #22 hits comic book stores today! Share your thoughts on the issue in the comments! If you weren’t paying attention last week, you missed this bombshell… Firestorm was asked the following question in Justice League of America #6, “Can you make Kryptonite?” Wow! That suggests major implications for the Man […]

Superman vs Firestorm

Superman versus Firestorm. This says it all. Two hits: Firestorm hitting Superman with his atomic restructuring blast transforming the Man of Steel’s costume to Kryptonite; Superman passing out and hitting the ground. Fight over. This fantastic art piece is by Christian Moore who goes by DejaRico on deviantART! Support Firestorm (and Christian Moore)! Fan the […]

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