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Firestorm Action Figure Index

Here is your resource for Firestorm action (and inaction) figures! Several Match-heads have requested a guide to the Nuclear Man in molded plastic, so I’m happy to oblige. Below you’ll find every Firestorm action figure produced to date. You can use the group photo at the top to provide a sense of scale for subsequent […]

Never-Produced Kenner Firestorm Action Figures – 1985

A very unusual series of drawings surfaced last week.  These drawings supposedly represent a proposal from 1985 for a line of Kenner action figures called “DC Anti-Heroes”. Each drawing is actually a style guide featuring an image of a major DC hero in three distinct thematic looks — “Hi-Tech”, “Road Warrior” and “Robotic”.  There are […]

Crisis on Earth-Blog – Super Powers 25th Anniversary **UPDATED**

*** UPDATED WITH MORE LINKS *** CELEBRATING FIRESTORM IN THE SUPER POWERS COLLECTION! Fourteen different blogs have combined forces today to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Kenner’s Super Powers Collection! While we’ll be looking at Firestorm here, every other blog in the crossover will cover different action figures or mini-comics from the Super Powers Collection.  […]

Super Powers Firestorm Action Figure – 1985

Probably the most celebrated piece of Firestorm memorabilia is the 1985 Super Powers Collection Firestorm action figure.  While there have been several figures produced since then, this one holds a special place in many fans hearts. If you collected comics or toys in the mid-1980s, then you probably owned some of the popular Super Powers […]

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