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Early Jason Rusch Firestorm designs by CrissCross

Recently on Facebook, artist CrissCross posted several of his concept drawings for Firestorm. These were done back in 2003 as they worked to develop the look Jason Rusch would eventually debut in Firestorm vol. III (May 2004). You’ll find six versions below that are breathtaking and wildly different from the final design. Click each image to […]

Firestorm in the new Justice League?

On Bleeding Cool yesterday, an image by Jim Lee was released featuring the new Justice League.  The team consists of Aquaman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Flash (presumably Barry Allen), and Cyborg.  Interestingly, in the background you can see Deadman, the Atom, Elemental Woman (presumably), Green Arrow, Hawkman, Power Girl (presumably), Mera […]

Jim Lee redesign of Firestorm costume from 2003

Back in November 2002, Wizard Magazine reported that Jim Lee had designed a new Firestorm costume for the Mike Carey Firestorm series in development at the time.   Since then I’ve been looking for these supposed Jim Lee designs. Recently the sketches below were brought to my attention. Personally I like all these designs!  I guess […]

Jim Lee Redesigned the Firestorm Costume

Did you ever hear the rumor back in the early-2000s that Jim Lee redesigned the Firestorm costume?  I’d heard that rumor but never knew where it started.  Well, Firestorm fan Florian Schwalenberg comes through again! Previously we’ve covered the aborted Firestorm series from 2003 by Mike Carey and Lewis LaRosa. According to this blurb in […]

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