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Firestorm Action Figure Index

Here is your resource for Firestorm action (and inaction) figures! Several Match-heads have requested a guide to the Nuclear Man in molded plastic, so I’m happy to oblige. Below you’ll find every Firestorm action figure produced to date. You can use the group photo at the top to provide a sense of scale for subsequent […]

Firestorm DC Universe Infinite Heroes Action Figure – 2010

Here is the recently-released Firestorm action figure from the DC Universe Infinite Heroes line (#58 in the series).  This is the Ronnie Raymond/Professor Martin Stein Firestorm.   Like the other Infinite Heroes figures, Firestorm has been done in the 3-3/4″ scale, so he’s considerably smaller than his DC Direct and DC Universe Classics counterparts.  It’s […]

Nuclear News – More Firestorm Toys Announced and other SDCC News

Welcome to another installment of FIRESTORM FAN’s Nuclear News! Lots of Firestorm news came out of the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC).  Y’know, considering the current version of Firestorm doesn’t have his own book anymore, and the other version of Firestorm is dead… there sure are a lot of things going on! The biggest Firestorm […]

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