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How Ronnie Raymond Died

Blackest Night and Brightest Day have returned Ronnie Raymond to the land of the living.  As we begin to wrap-up Brightest Day, I thought it was a good time to look at how Ronnie Raymond died.  He was killed in Identity Crisis #5 (December 2004) which was written by Brad Meltzer, penciled by Rags Morales, […]

Shadow Thief’s Trial for the Murder of Firestorm

Firestorm (the Ronnie Raymond solo version) was murdered by the Shadow Thief during the Identity Crisis mini-series in 2004.  Shadow Thief was apprehended by the JLA & Manhunter and then put on trial for the murder of Firestorm.  That trial is featured in the trade paperback Manhunter: Trial by Fire. I heard from numerous sources […]

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