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Firestorm vs Iceman – The Battle We’ve All Been Waiting For!

The match-up everybody has been waiting for… Firestorm versus Iceman! Super-Team Family proudly presents Firestorm and Iceman in, “Cold Fusion!” No, you didn’t miss an actual inter-company crossover starring the youngest members of the Satellite-era Justice League and the original X-Men. This fictitious meeting is the work of a gentleman named Ross who runs Super-Team […]

Nuclear on the Net: More Firestorm Sightings

Today we’re going to look at a few Firestorm sightings on the web.  Be sure to check out these links! Some belated Valentine’s Day action for you!  DC’s Killer Frost and Marvel’s Iceman find blazing passion together in this fan art by Tommy Tejeda!  Click here to view the gorgeous drawing!  My thanks to Frank […]

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