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Pozhar Week: Mikhail’s Fashion Show

We’re continuing Pozhar Week! With the character of Pozhar scheduled to appear soon in The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men, we’re covering the character’s pre-New 52 continuity. All this week we’ll be looking at different facets of Pozhar! Today we’re examining the various looks of Mikhail Arkadin… When we first met Mikhail Arkadin (the […]

MORE NEWS: More Rumors About Gail Leaving & Firestorm #6 Solicit

Alright match-heads, I know just yesterday I reported that Gail Simone was staying on the Firestorm book.  Well… another rumor has popped up that Gail is leaving Firestorm.  According to Bleeding Cool, Gail Simone will be leaving The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men in March.  That translates to issue #7.  As we saw yesterday, […]

John Ostrander’s farewell letter from FIRESTORM #100

The second volume of Firestorm was cancelled at issue #100 during the summer of 1990. I was so bummed when this series ended! I still think the Elemental Firestorm run was an excellently written and drawn batch of comics. Writer John Ostrander published a letter to the fans in the back of issue #100 discussing […]

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