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Mighty Meeples from Cryptozoic including Firestorm

Cryptozoic Entertainment plans to release a set of collectible “meeples” based upon DC Comics characters, including Firestorm! Cryptozoic Entertainment are the folks who produce the excellent DC Comics Deck Building Game. Check out all the characters they plan to release as meeples (notice fourth row; fourth one in the row)! If you are scratching your head […]

Forever Evil Deck Building Game

In stores now! Cryptozoic Entertainment released their latest deck-building card game, this time based upon the DC Comics crossover, Forever Evil! I’ve played a few of their previous deck-building games and they are a blast! Since the theme is Forever Evil, this time they’ve included Firestorm!!! Here are the Firestorm-themed cards in game… Firestorm (Her0) […]

Firestorm in New 52 Trading Card Set

Back in September, Cryptozoic Entertainment released a set of trading cards for DC Comics The New 52. This set features all-new, original art, with a base set of 71 cards that cover some of the best-known characters from DC Comics. The text is written by Adam Beechen with art by numerous different artists. If you’re […]

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