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Blackest Night to Brightest Day: What a Long Strange Trip

Tomorrow will see the release of Brightest Day #24, the final issue in the year-long saga.  However, if you really think about it this story began with Blackest Night.  Firestorm fans have their fingers crossed that our hero will exit Brightest Day ready to start a new life of adventure with Ronnie and Jason working […]

Brightest Day #21 Post-Game Report and Speculation

We haven’t seen Firestorm in the past few issues of Brightest Day, but we’ve still got some things to discuss. Warning, the following contains SPOILERS for Brightest Day #18-21. *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER […]

Brightest Day Update for August

Welcome to another installment of FIRESTORM FAN’s Nuclear News!  This time we’re focusing solely on Brightest Day related items. If you haven’t read Brightest Day #7 yet (shipped on August 4), stop what you are doing and go read it right now.  Ronnie discovered the reason he was resurrected and we got quite a surprise […]

White Lantern Firestorm Cover on Brightest Day #8 Today

Be on the lookout today for this variant cover to Brightest Day #8 featuring White Lantern Firestorm!  Click the image to enlarge. Image found on the DC Comics Source Blog.  The description of the issue doesn’t mention Firestorm, but we can hope he’ll have something to do based upon the cover. Writers Geoff Johns and […]

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