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DC Cosmic Cards – Views from the Longbox Guest Appearance

Over on VIEWS FROM THE LONGBOX, Michael Bailey and I recently covered one of our favorite trading card series: DC Cosmic Cards released by Impel in 1991! This was DC’s first foray into the 1990s trading card fad! During the episode, Mike and I cover each of the cards briefly, discuss Batman (or the lack thereof), sneaky […]

1987 Great Heroes Backing Board Trading Cards

Today’s item is a really neat nostalgic piece. I’d never even heard of these until a few months ago when our buddy Aaron Bias presented these cards to me. Back in 1987 (and again in 1989), DC Comics printed a very unique set of trading cards. These cards were printed on comic backing boards sold […]

Firestorm, El Hombre Nuclear

¡Firestorm, el hombre nuclear, de los Super Amigos! Our good friend Jon over at the Fizzit Firestorm-themed blog sent scans of these unique Firestorm collectibles. He received the following cards from Argentina.  The majority of these come from the Spanish-language version of Kenner’s Super Powers line, Super Amigos. This first one is a trading card […]

Firehawk Heroclix and Trading Cards

Welcome back for FIREHAWK WEEK!  On Monday we looked at Firehawk’s various Who’s Who appearances.  Today we’ll be looking at a few other items featuring Firehawk.  Don’t forget, come back on Friday for the unveiling of a newly-commissioned Firehawk sketch done for the FIRESTORM FAN site! Here is a Firehawk HeroClix game piece from WizKids.  […]

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