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1987 Great Heroes Backing Board Trading Cards

Today’s item is a really neat nostalgic piece. I’d never even heard of these until a few months ago when our buddy Aaron Bias presented these cards to me. Back in 1987 (and again in 1989), DC Comics printed a very unique set of trading cards. These cards were printed on comic backing boards sold […]

Firestorm in New 52 Trading Card Set

Back in September, Cryptozoic Entertainment released a set of trading cards for DC Comics The New 52. This set features all-new, original art, with a base set of 71 cards that cover some of the best-known characters from DC Comics. The text is written by Adam Beechen with art by numerous different artists. If you’re […]

Firestorm Sketch Card by Thom Zahler (of “Love and Capes”)

Check out this super-cool Firestorm sketch card I bought at DragonCon from Thom Zahler, creator and artist of the comic book, Love and Capes! I dig Thom’s clean, cartoony style — it’s just plain fun!   In addition to being ultra-talented, Thom is also a huge Firestorm fan! Back in 2009, I commissioned a Firehawk sketch […]

1992 Impel DC Comics Firestorm Trading Card

DC Comics first universe-spanning trading card series was produced by Impel Marketing in 1991.  Some date confusion was created because the cards themselves were identified as the 1992 series.  Firestorm received his own card, highlighting his then-current status as an Elemental lost in space.  The pencils and inks on the card were done by the […]

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