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Episode 11 of FIRESTORM FAN and AQUAMAN SHRINE Podcast! Play in new window | DownloadThe eleventh episode of THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST is now available for your listening pleasure! THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST is the official podcast of FIRESTORM FAN and THE AQUAMAN SHRINE. Rob and Shag start the show this time talking about a Yildiray Cinar exclusive and the “Name […]

More Firestorm Cubees

A while back we looked at a Firestorm Cubee created by Joshua Wolf.  Today we’re looking at a few more of these adorable, do-it-yourself folks.  They are called Cubees and are made entirely from folded paper; no tape or glue necessary! I haven’t assembled these particular ones yet, but here are the patterns. First up […]

Blackest Night #3 Cover by Ethan Van Sciver Reenacted with Action Figures

See what you can accomplish with too much time and too many action figures? Sometimes I frighten myself… Yes, I took the time to reenact the Blackest Night #3 variant cover by Ethan Van Sciver using action figures.  I’m not sure what possessed me, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. Support […]

Brightest Day #23 in stores today, but no action figure

Brightest Day #23 should be hitting stores today!  According to the solicit this issue features Firestorm versus Deadman, which makes SO MUCH MORE sense now then it did when originally solicited.  Presumably, this will lead into Firestorm becoming a fire elemental… again.    Sorry, couldn’t resist. Be sure to pick up your copy today! Sadly, […]

Toy Fair 2011 Firestorm Pics

Toy Fair 2011 is going on right now in New York City.  Comic Book Resources has posted several pictures from the event, some of which include Firestorm!  While it’s wonderful to see these pics, we’re not seeing anything new in regard to Firestorm.  All of the items pictured below had been previously announced.  Still… the […]

Deathstorm vs Firestorm Action League 2-Pack

Back in July I reported the Batman: Brave and the Bold Action League was being re-branded as the DC Universe Action League.  A DC Universe Action League pack containing Firestorm and Black Lantern Firestorm was announced during the San Diego ComicCon. Looks like those toys should be hitting stores soon!  Below is a photo of […]

Brightest Day HeroClix Available Today!

The DC Brightest Day HeroClix Action Pack should be available in stores today! According to the advertising, the set includes seven highly-detailed HeroClix 3D figures ripped directly from the pages of the Brightest Day comic, plus an all-new, double-sided HeroClix map.  The suggested retail price for this seven-figure set is $24.99. WizKids released some detailed […]

Brightest Day, Toys, Appearances, Cartoons, and more!

Welcome to another installment of FIRESTORM FAN’s Nuclear News!  Here are some news and web findings on our favorite hothead.  It’s been a while since I did a rundown like this, so there is quite a bit. Be sure to pick up Brightest Day #6 from your local comic shop.  We finally see the new […]

Firestorm Brightest Day Action Figure Announced for 2011

DC Comics announced yesterday the release of several Brightest Day action figures for 2011.  Good news – Firestorm made the cut!  Below is a picture of the action figure coming our way from DC Direct. Overall this is a good looking figure!  I see that Firestorm’s skin tone is definitely darker than the white heroes […]

Firestorm Brightest Day HeroClix

Last week WizKids announced the DC HeroClix Brightest Day Action Pack available in October 2010.  This pack contains only seven figures and Firestorm made the cut!  I was disappointed we didn’t get a Black Lantern Firestorm HeroClix (click here and click here for some customs), but this more than makes up for it.  Check out […]

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