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Ronnie Raymond & Ray Palmer: The Firestorm That Could Have Been

I love this image of Ronnie Raymond as Firestorm with Ray Palmer as the Atom! This comes from JLA #69 (Oct. 2002) by Yvel Guichet and Mark Propst.   This art comes from a time when Ronnie was operating solo as Firestorm. Also during this era, Ray Palmer was mentoring Ronnie in science to aid […]

Firestorm in Green Lantern: Circle of Fire

We’ve got a really interesting blogging event going on this week! The stellar Green Lantern-themed blog The Indigo Tribe has recruited several superhero bloggers to assist in covering Green Lantern: Circle of Fire. This fifth-week event from the year 2000 featured two bookend issues, titled Green Lantern: Circle of Fire, and five issues in-between co-starring […]

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