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Firestorm Tattoo based on Steve Lightle art

Check out Richard Patrone’s amazing tattoo of Firestorm based upon Steve Lightle artwork! Richard was kind enough to share this awesome tattoo with us! It’s inked on the upper left-hand portion of his chest. You can see the progression of the tattoo coloring on his Facebook page (and his cool Speedball tattoo too)! Richard  mentioned […]

Firestorm Elemental Tattoo

Check out this cool Firestorm Elemental tattoo by artegroteskotattoo! The character shown in based upon the Elemental incarnation of Firestorm, but the tattoo itself was designed by artegroteskotattoo.  Artegroteskotattoo is a tattoo artist in Argentina. Check out his other tattoo designs on deviantART. Support Firestorm! Fan the flame!

Firestorm Temporary Tattoos

I came across these Batman: The Brave and the Bold temporary tattoos recently, at a gas station of all places!  I was shocked to find Firestorm amongst the characters!  There was no way I was passing these up! Below you’ll find the Firestorm character tattoo, beneath that is a shot of Firestorm from the actual […]

Another Firestorm Tattoo

Check out this wicked-cool Firestorm tattoo!  Lance Van Sant showed off his sweet-looking tattoo on the Facebook group, Forget Superman and Spiderman, it’s all about Firestorm.  He was kind enough to grant me permission to display his tattoo here. Lance has demonstrated that he’s a true Firestorm Fan!  In addition to the Firestorm tattoo, Lance […]

Amazing Firestorm Tattoos

We’ve got a really special treat today!  “The Rev. O.J. Flow” is a truly dedicated comic book fan.  In fact, some might say he wears it on his sleeve, or to be more exact he wears it on his right leg.  O.J.’s right leg features some of the coolest comic book tattoos you’ve ever seen.  […]

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