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Project Rooftop Firestorm by Andy Trabbold

Check out this cool fan-made Firestorm redesign by Andy Trabbold! I like the simple and slick design! This appeared on the Project Rooftop website. Here are Andy Trabbold’s thoughts on his design: My first thoughts on redesigning Firestorm was to un-busy his costume. I pared it way down, reversing the colors and leaving the white […]

Project Rooftop Firestorm by Stefan Grambart

Check out this fan-made Firestorm redesign by Stefan Grambart!  I like how he maintained the Firestorm chest emblem!  This appeared on the Project Rooftop website. If you’ve never heard of Project Rooftop, here is the description from their website: Project: Rooftop is where cartoonists and illustrators bring their costume design skills to task in tribute […]

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