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Plastique on Justice League Unlimited

Today we conclude our coverage of PLASTIQUE WEEK! Not only was Plastique lucky enough to appear on Smallville, but she also made an appearance on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon! Man, this girl gets around (just ask Captain Atom). 😉 Plastique appeared in the second season of Justice League Unlimited, during the fourth episode entitled, […]

Plastique in DC Comics Encyclopedia & Plastique Cubee!

Today we continue PLASTIQUE WEEK!  First up is Plastique’s entry from DK’s DC Comics Encyclopedia, Updated and Expanded Edition (September 2008). I recommend fans of DC Comics’ continuity prior to The New 52 pick up the DC Comics Encyclopedia. This is an outstanding resource book and makes for fun reading.  Maybe I’m just a junkie for […]

Plastique on Smallville

Y’know what, let’s keep on truckin’ with Plastique! I hereby declare it PLASTIQUE WEEK! While I was working on the Plastique/Captain Atom Valentine’s Day crossover, I stumbled across a surprising tidbit of news. Apparently Plastique appeared on Smallville back in 2008. WHAT?!?!? How the heck did this happen and I never heard about it? Not […]

Unhappy Valentine’s Day to Plastique and Captain Atom

We’ve got a special Valentine’s Day treat for you today… a crossover! Everybody loves a crossover! Today we’ve teamed up with our good buddy Frank from THE POWER OF THE ATOM blog to examine the self-destructive romance between Plastique and Captain Atom. Read on below for Plastique’s perspective on the relationship. Then head over to […]

Plastique in Who’s Who – 1986

Today’s post comes from Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #18 (August 1986). The art in the entry below is by Joe Brozowski and Dell Barras. Great rendition of Plastique! Pat Broderick drew her sexy when he introduced her, and these guys keep the tradition alive! This particular issue of Who’s Who […]

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