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McDonalds Happy Meal Firestorm Toy: The Low Down

Last week we let you know about the McDonalds Happy Meal Firestorm toy from the Batman: The Brave and the Bold line.  Over the weekend I picked up one of these toys for myself.  Below you’ll find several pics. Below is the insert from the toy bag.  Firestorm also came with Two-Face and Solomon Grundy.  […]

McDonalds Happy Meal Toy for Firestorm!

Great Scott! McDonalds Happy Meals will soon feature a Firestorm toy! Seriously! Y’all know I really dig Firestorm. I do my best to be a cheerleader for our favorite Nuclear Man. I celebrate each of his appearances and use the power of positive thought to encourage his popularity to grow.  However, never in a million […]

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