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Favorite Covers: Firestorm #19

I love the cover to Firestorm vol. III #19 by Matt Haley!  What makes this cover special is the beauty of deep space, the glow of Firestorm’s nuclear aura, and the breathtaking Donna Troy.  Wow!  It’s gorgeous!  This was an interesting time for Jason as he was wearing a costume very similar to the classic […]

Firestorm Wallpaper

Our buddy liquidcross has put together the most amazing Firestorm wallpaper!  It’s features art by Al Milgrom, Rafael Kayanan, and Matt Haley!  It’s formatted for wide-screen monitors (1920×1080), so you may have to adjust your screen resolution to make it fit properly.  Click the image below for the full-size version. Isn’t that friggin’ amazing!  I […]

Brightest Day Speculation – What’s Going on with the Nuclear Man?

Warning… the following contains SPOILERS for Blackest Night and Brightest Day #0 – #2. *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** *** SPOILER SPACE *** Okay, we’re three issues into Brightest Day and we’re starting to get a […]

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