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In Memory of Shawn Engel – FIRE & WATER #151 Play in new window | Download The 151st episode of THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST is now available for your listening pleasure! THE FIRE AND WATER PODCAST is the official podcast of FIRESTORM FAN and THE AQUAMAN SHRINE. This week Shag and Rob pay tribute to a friend of the show who passed away just a couple […]

Firestorm in Green Lantern: Circle of Fire

We’ve got a really interesting blogging event going on this week! The stellar Green Lantern-themed blog The Indigo Tribe has recruited several superhero bloggers to assist in covering Green Lantern: Circle of Fire. This fifth-week event from the year 2000 featured two bookend issues, titled Green Lantern: Circle of Fire, and five issues in-between co-starring […]

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