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In Stores This Week – Back Issue Magazine #112 with Firestorm!

In stores this week, BACK ISSUE MAGAZINE #112 featuring Firestorm! Included are interviews with Firestorm co-creators Gerry Conway & Al Milgrom, along with their editor Jack C. Harris, plus Pat Broderick, Rafael Kayanan, and John Ostrander! If you just can’t wait to pick up your copy, check out a preview of the Gerry Conway interview over […]

Happy Birthday to Firestorm! 36 Years Old Today!

Happy Birthday Firestorm! Hard to believe you’re 36 years old today! You still seem like a teenager to us readers. There is some dispute as to the exact release date of Firestorm’s first issue. The house ad above identifies the release date as December 6, 1977, however, Mike’s Amazing World of DC Comics (a fantastic […]

First Firestorm Fan Letter (1977) and “Robby” Raymond

Today we’re looking at the very first piece of fan mail ever received by DC Comics about Firestorm! Comics reader Mitch Senft holds the distinction of having the first published letter about the Nuclear Man. Mitch’s letter was very honest and pointed out some highlights of the book and some concerns he had with the character. […]

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