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Random Panel of the Day

Here is your random panel of the day! Take a guess where it’s from, then check the image properties for the answer! My thanks to Match-head John Godwin for sending this my way!  Poor Slipknot, he can’t get a break anywhere! I guess he’s always destined to lose an arm. Support Firestorm (and Slipknot)! Fan […]

Firestorm in Flashpoint: Legion of Doom

Firestorm recently appeared in Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #1.  Flashpoint is an alternate reality tale, but it does appear they used the post-Brightest Day incarnation of Firestorm.  Check out his appearance below… Click the image below to enlarge. Then later in the comic… Ouch! Poor Jason!  For the rest of the story, be sure to […]

Nuclear News: 2011-06-20 Twitter Weekend Round-up

Lots of Firestorm-related items this past weekend buzzing around Twitter!  If you’re on Twitter, be sure you’re following @firestormfan!  Lots of things appearing there that might not merit a full post here. COMIC APPEARANCES Chris Rohling (@CMRohling) discussed Firestorm’s appearance in Flashpoint: Legion of Doom (I also received a nice e-mail from Michael A. Burstein […]

Flashpoint Preview Featuring Firestorm

This past Saturday on Free Comic Book Day, DC Comics released their Green Lantern Flashpoint Special Edition.  In the Flashpoint preview (which I believe came from the first few pages of Flashpoint #1), we got a momentary glimpse of Firestorm!  Check it out below!  Click the image to enlarge. You can just make out Firestorm’s […]

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