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Father’s Day Firestorm

Check out this adorable Firestorm drawn on the back of Doug Zawisza’s Father’s Day card from his 13 year old! So cute! Support Firestorm (and Father’s Day)! Fan the flame!    

Happy Father’s Day To Me!

Happy post-Father’s Day to all the dads out there! While today’s post isn’t strictly about Firestorm, it is geek-related. And this is technically my blog, so I think the occasional digression is reasonable. I had a fantastic Father’s Day weekend with my family! Spent some good quality time with my six year old daughter — […]

Happy Father’s Day to Jason’s Dad!

Happy Father’s Day to Jason Rusch’s dad, Alvin Rusch!  … oh, wait… on second thought, maybe not… From Firestorm vol 3 #1 ~ written by Dan Jolley, pencils by ChrisCross, and inks by John Dell Notice Jason’s black eye? Guess who gave that to him… From Firestorm vol 3 #3 ~ written by Dan Jolley, […]

Happy Father’s Day to Ronnie’s Dad!

Happy Father’s Day to Ronnie Raymond’s dad, Ed Raymond!  … whoops, I spoke too soon … Support Firestorm! Fan the flame!

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