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Yildiray Cinar’s First Pitch for the New 52 Firestorm

A couple weeks ago Yildiray Cinar posted his first pitch for the New 52 Firestorm design. Check out this awesome design below! You can quickly see that his New 52 design was heavily influenced by the Elemental Firestorm. In fact, on Tumblr Cinar said, “Now you know I’m a fan of the elemental version from […]

Firestorm in Green Lantern: Circle of Fire

We’ve got a really interesting blogging event going on this week! The stellar Green Lantern-themed blog The Indigo Tribe has recruited several superhero bloggers to assist in covering Green Lantern: Circle of Fire. This fifth-week event from the year 2000 featured two bookend issues, titled Green Lantern: Circle of Fire, and five issues in-between co-starring […]

Rogue’s Gallery: Brimstone

Rogue’s Gallery Week continues here at FIRESTORM FAN!  Today we’re looking at Firestorm’s reoccurring foe, Brimstone!  This engine of destruction was created by Darkseid and faced off against our favorite flame-brain a few times.  Their nearly-earth-shattering final battle took place on the surface of the Sun in Firestorm #100. Before we look at Firestorm #100, […]

Firestorm Elemental Tattoo

Check out this cool Firestorm Elemental tattoo by artegroteskotattoo! The character shown in based upon the Elemental incarnation of Firestorm, but the tattoo itself was designed by artegroteskotattoo.  Artegroteskotattoo is a tattoo artist in Argentina. Check out his other tattoo designs on deviantART. Support Firestorm! Fan the flame!

Why Does Yildiray Cinar Hate the Planet Earth?

Why does Yildiray Cinar hate the planet Earth so much? Every time he draws Firestorm, he seems to be blasting or damaging the ground.  Does Yildiray have some sort of deep-seated hatred of his own home planet?   All kidding aside, this art is GORGEOUS!  Scroll back up and check out the poses on the […]

1992 Impel DC Comics Firestorm Trading Card

DC Comics first universe-spanning trading card series was produced by Impel Marketing in 1991.  Some date confusion was created because the cards themselves were identified as the 1992 series.  Firestorm received his own card, highlighting his then-current status as an Elemental lost in space.  The pencils and inks on the card were done by the […]

Lil’ Stormy

This funny little guy first appeared in the letters page of Firestorm #91.  He appeared a few more times before the end of the series, each time with a different quote.  To my knowledge he was never given a name, nor was it revealed who drew the caricature of the Elemental Firestorm.  I think he’s […]

عاصفة في اللغة العربية

How about a little Firestorm elemental action … in Arabic! Our good buddy Jon at the Fizzit Firestorm-themed blog made an fascinating discovery recently.  He bought some Superman comics translated into Arabic for a friend who’s learning the language.  As he was flipping through a comic he purchased and stumbled across Firestorm!  Arabic Superman #703 […]

Blackest Night to Brightest Day: What a Long Strange Trip

Tomorrow will see the release of Brightest Day #24, the final issue in the year-long saga.  However, if you really think about it this story began with Blackest Night.  Firestorm fans have their fingers crossed that our hero will exit Brightest Day ready to start a new life of adventure with Ronnie and Jason working […]

DC Unveils Brightest Day #23 Cover

This week DC unveiled Gary Frank’s cover to Brightest Day #23… Looks like the elemental prediction from a few weeks ago was right on the money.  I wonder if they’ll mention Firestorm’s previous Elemental incarnation. Watch for Brightest Day #23 in stores on April 6th!  My thanks to liquidcross of The Indigo Tribe blog for […]

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