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Fred Hembeck Sketch of Elemental Firestorm

Match-head Nico Lizarraga has sent us another fantastic Fred Hembeck Firestorm sketch! This time it’s the Elemental Firestorm! I never grow tired of Hembeck! I adored his work in Marvel Age and the DC Comics strips on the “Daily Planet” pages! Joy! Click here for some other fun Fred Hembeck Firestorm art! Also, Mr. Hembeck is […]

John Ostrander & Tom Mandrake Need Your Help!

John Ostrander and Tom Mandrake, the creative forces behind Firestorm’s Elemental era, need your help! And time is running out! Ostrander & Mandrake are running a Kickstarter campaign for their new graphic novel, Kros: Hallowed Ground. It’s a passion project they’ve wanted to publish for a long time. As of this posting, there are only 7 […]

Oracle in Firestorm #98 & Barbara Gordon Podcast

Some people may not realize/remember, but when Oracle first appeared in Suicide Squad #23 (cover dated January 1989) her true identity was not shown to the readers. It wasn’t until Suicide Squad #38 (February 1990) that she was revealed to be Barbara Gordon. Somewhat surprising is that Barbara Gordon’s very next appearance as Oracle was in […]

Scribblenauts Unmasked – Firestorm Family

Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure went on sale last week. If you are unfamiliar with the Scribblenauts franchise, it’s a series of puzzle video games by 5th Cell for the WiiU, PC, and Nintendo 3DS. The latest version takes place in the DC Universe and boasts 1,050 heroes and 650 villains. Our buddy Keith G. […]

Elemental Firestorm Promoted in DC Direct Currents #16

A few months ago we ran the back cover of Direct Currents #16 from May 1989. Turns out that back cover was a tie-in with an article within that issue. Check out this cool promotional blurb from Direct Currents #16 about the coming of the Elemental Firestorm! Click the image to enlarge! Man, I love me […]

Janus Directive Advertisement – 1989

Who remembers “The Janus Directive”? If you don’t, it was an 11-part crossover that ran through five DC comics back in mid-1989 (Checkmate, Suicide Squad, Manhunter, Captain Atom, and Firestorm). It wasn’t a marquee crossover, but was entertaining for those reading the espionage comics at the time. Personally, I was a big fan of Suicide […]

Elemental Firestorm Artwork

I could seriously spend an entire glorious day trolling through Firestorm drawings on deviantART! There is some fantastic artwork out there! On a recent diversion, I stumbled across these fun images of the Elemental Firestorm! The Elemental Firestorm doesn’t get much attention nowadays, so finding these pieces made me happy! Elemental Firestorm by Ryan (IronLion82 […]

Firestorm by Yildiray Cinar, age 14

Check out this sketch of the Elemental Firestorm by Yildiray Cinar (current artist on The Fury of Firestorm: The Nuclear Men)! A little confused? I can imagine. This sketch of the Elemental Firestorm was done by Yildiray Cinar way back in 1990 when he was only 14 years old! So this qualifies as his first […]

Firestorm Rogues Gallery Cubees

Today we’re looking at more adorable do-it-yourself Cubees designed by Joshua Wolf! This time around he’s focused on several of the Nuclear Man’s rogues! These are made entirely from folded paper; no tape or glue necessary! To get an idea what an assembled Cubee looks like, check out this Firestorm (Ronnie Raymond) Cubee. Previously, we’ve […]

Yildiray Cinar’s First Pitch for the New 52 Firestorm

A couple weeks ago Yildiray Cinar posted his first pitch for the New 52 Firestorm design. Check out this awesome design below! You can quickly see that his New 52 design was heavily influenced by the Elemental Firestorm. In fact, on Tumblr Cinar said, “Now you know I’m a fan of the elemental version from […]

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