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Firestorm found in Justice League stickers

Whenever I travel on long trips via Interstate 10, I always seem to stop at the same gas station. While there last year I came across some Batman: The Brave and the Bold temporary tattoos featuring Firestorm. I stopped there again recently and came across the Justice League stickers below, also featuring Firestorm! Crazy! Apparently […]

Green Lantern Corps #57 Variant Cover

So Brightest Day #18 and Green Lantern Corps #56 both came out yesterday with no sign of the Nuclear Man anywhere.   … bummer … The solicitation for GLC #56 indicated Firestorm would be involved, but I guess that’s just lead-up for the following issue.  Check out the gorgeous variant cover by Ed Benes for Green […]

Firestorm Magnet with Art by Ed Benes

Check out this Firestorm magnet from Ata-boy! I first saw it advertised online back in July and assumed it was unauthorized by DC.  Fast forward to last week at my local comic shop where I came face-to-face with the real deal.  The art is by Ed Benes and the Firestorm logo is from volume I […]

Brightest Day, Odd Couple, Ed Benes sketch, Racism in comics, drink recipe, and more

Welcome to another installment of FIRESTORM FAN’s Nuclear News! Here are some news and web findings on our favorite hothead. A few weeks back I did a post on the 2003 Ronnie Raymond Firestorm series that almost was.  I’m over-the-moon happy to report that I received very nice notes about my post from both writer […]

How Jason Joined the JLA

I really like the way Jason joined the JLA.  See the page below from Justice League of America vol. 4 #15 (Jan. 2008) by Dwayne McDuffie and Ed Benes. I like Batman’s demanding nature in this bit.  I think the scene works really well.  I don’t see it as condescending to Jason, but it does […]

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