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Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Wears Firestorm

This past week on The Big Bang Theory, the character of Sheldon was spotted wearing a t-shirt featuring Firestorm!  The episode was entitled “The Russian Rocket Reaction” and you can see the shirt below. Below is a close-up of the t-shirt image.  We featured it here on FIRESTORM FAN back in 2009.  It’s an unusual […]

Super Powers: Darkseid… of the Moon

In 1985 and 1986, DC Comics and Kid Vid Productions released three Super Powers “See & Read” products combining artwork, reading, and audio narration.  To honest, I had never even heard of these things until today.  In my brief research, I’ve found that they produced both LP records and VHS cassettes.  The records came with […]

Firestorm Boxers?!?! Seriously!

I never thought I’d live to see the day they put Firestorm on a pair of boxers! Check these out! I can understand putting Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Robin, and even Green Arrow on licensed merchandise.  They are all characters the general public is likely to recognize.  But Firestorm and Doctor Fate?!?!  They happen to […]

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