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Silhouette Art by Steve Garcia – Massive Blog Crossover

Inspiring Artwork and a Blog Crossover?!?! Two great tastes that taste great together! 22 different blogs have joined forces today to celebrate the eye-catching silhouettes produced by artist Steve Garcia! Below you’ll find striking images of our favorite Nuclear Man and his Frigid Foe! These would make great posters! Finally, here is a Firestorm silhouette wallpaper! […]

Firestorm Fan Art for Scribblenauts Contest

Scribblenauts Unmasked ran a contest recently inviting deviantART members to create their own Scribblenauts version of favorite DC Comics characters. Below are three Firestorm-themed entries! Enjoy! Firestorm, The Nuclear Man by Bladien – Click image below to enlarge Firestorm by Bwahhahahaaa – Click image below to enlarge Let’s Go by Zenero – Click image below to enlarge Firestorm + Flash […]

Firestorm by Raul Alvarez

I’m crazy about this super-fun Firestorm artwork by Raul Alvarez! The enormous chest, conical headpiece, sharp colors! I love it! Be sure to check out Raul’s deviantART gallery for even more of his renditions of DC characters! Some of my favorites include: Samurai, Apache Chief, and Black Vulcan! Love those Super Friends! Support Firestorm (and […]

Firestorm the Nuclear Man by Spectacular Spider-Man Character Designer

Here is a pretty cool version of our favorite nuclear man!  I found this on Sean Galloway’s deviantART page.   Click the image to enlarge. Sean Galloway was the character designer for the super-cool Spectacular Spider-Man animated series!  He also drew the Teen Titans pages for Wednesday Comics. There is lots to love about this drawing!  […]

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